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Virginia Beach Invisalign dentist Dr. Michael Folck understands how important it is to get accurate images of your teeth, bite and jaw when planning your Invisalign treatment. And he knows how crucial it is for patients to get some insight into what their new bite alignment will look like post-Invisalign.

As part of his commitment to providing you with the best technology available, Dr. Folck has equipped his Virginia Beach-area office with the iTero™ Scanner and ClinCheck 3D Animation software.

With these pieces of technology, Dr. Folck can first get flawlessly accurate images of your current bite and then project how it will change throughout the Invisalign treatment.

Residents of the Virginia Beach, Virginia area who want to learn how Invisalign clear braces can inconspicuously correct bite and jaw alignment issues should call Dr. Michael P. Folck, DDS at 1-877-206-3444.

Knowledge is Power

The first step in preparing your Invisalign treatment is to get an accurate sense of your current bite and jaw alignment situation.

Traditionally, this was done using uncomfortable wax impressions that often made patients gag. It was less than ideal, but orthodontists didn’t have other options.

Now we do. With the iTero Scanner, Dr. Folck can get detailed, accurate scans of your mouth with little discomfort or inconvenience for you.

The iTero Scanner is a handheld “wand” that creates a digital map of your mouth. The entire process of scanning your mouth takes about five minutes, and you can watch the scanner create your map on the screen in real-time.

No pastes, no gels, no waxes, no uncomfortable impressions. Just highly accurate 3D images of your teeth, bite and jaw. An Invisalign study found there were seven times fewer fit issues when impressions were taken using the iTero Scanner.

Projecting Your Future Bite

Once we’ve used the iTero Scanner to make a digital map of your bite, we’ll feed these images into the ClinCheck 3D animation software.

Put simply, the ClinCheck software allows Dr. Folck to show you how your bite alignment will shift throughout the Invisalign process.

And he won’t just be able to show you how your bite will look at the end of the treatment. Instead, he’ll be able to use ClinCheck to visualize how your teeth and bite will look at every two-week stage of the Invisalign treatment process.

With ClinCheck, there won’t be any surprises during your Invisalign treatment. And with this software Dr. Folck will be able to project the results of different treatment approaches.

If you have any questions about Invisalign, the iTero Scanner or ClinCheck, we’ll be happy to answer them.

If you’re a resident of the Virginia, Virginia area and you want to learn more about Invisalign, please contact Dr. Michael P. Folck, DDS today.

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