How Long is the Invisalign Process?

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The entire Invisalign process usually takes six months to a year, which is comparable to traditional metal braces, but the length of treatment depends greatly on your unique needs. Because of every smile is different, Dr. Folck will need to assess your teeth during a personal consultation to give you an accurate estimate and customized treatment plan.

No matter how long your treatment period is scheduled to the last, the process itself remains relatively simple:

  • During your first appointment, Dr. Folck will make a digital scan of your mouth and feed that data into a computer. The computer will map out a series of steps for Invisialign to move your teeth into position. This could be anywhere from twelve to thirty steps, depending on your needs.
  • Next, the custom plastic aligners will be created by Invisalign, which can take around three weeks to be delivered to your dentist. When they are ready, you will see Dr. Folck to try them on and take them home.
  • For the duration of your treatment schedule, you will wear each aligner for about two weeks. Every six weeks or so Dr. Folck will check your teeth to make sure the right progress is being made.
  • In six months to a year, your teeth will be in their final positions, though you’ll have to wear a retainer for a while to make sure they stay where you want them.

If Invisalign sounds like the right treatment option for straightening your smile, call (877) 206-3444 to schedule a consultation with your experienced Virginia Beach dentist.

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