How Do I Get Invisalign?

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If you think Invisalign is the right treatment for you, it’s a fairly straightforward process to get Invisalign.

The first step is to make sure you’re a candidate. Check out What Invisalign Treats to see if it can help you reach your cosmetic goals and Is Invisalign Right for Me? to see if it’s a good match for you. You can even try the Invisalign Self-Assessment tool.

Next, we encourage you to do your research about Invisalign doctors in the area. It’s important to get the right doctor for you, and you can only do that if you make a thorough consideration of your options. Dr. Michael P. Folck is a great dentist, but he’s not for everyone.

Check out the credentials of dentists you are considering. See if you know anyone who has worked with them. Narrow your list down to a few of the best candidates, then schedule consultations.

Free consultations always seem like a good thing, but don’t let this be a deciding factor. After all, when you’re considering the total Invisalign cost it’s a relatively small amount, and not worth taking a risk that you will miss out on the perfect doctor for you. And the quality of a consultation often goes with the cost. Dentists consider their time valuable, and a free consultation may be next to worthless, with only a small amount of time spent with the doctor.

Then, choose the doctor that makes you feel most comfortable. We hope it’s us, and look forward to working with you.

To schedule a consultation, please contact Michael P. Folck, DDS.

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