Are Invisalign Aligners Generic or Custom-Made?

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Many people are turning to Invisalign® to help straighten out their teeth. These clear plastic aligners are preferred over metal braces which can be unsightly and very uncomfortable. The best way to ensure that an Invisalign® treatment is appropriate for you is to consult with our dentist and get fitted with a custom-made aligner.

While generic options are available, it is reported that these non-custom fitting models are bulky, ill-fitting and not as effective. These generic options are generally cheaper, but the custom-made aligners save you significant time and discomfort.

If you are interested in a custom made Invisalign® aligner to help give you a straighter smile, contact the professionals at Invisalign® Virginia Beach. We use computers to custom-design clear plastic aligners specifically modeled after your teeth and their specific needs. With only periodic visits  you can get the results desired without unsightly braces or retainers.

Dr. Michael Folck has over 25 years experience as a dentist, and has focused his career on helping people in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, Virginia. If you feel you are an appropriate candidate for Invisalign®, or just have questions about the procedure, contact us today at 757-428-7440 and set up a consultation.

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