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The Invisalign treatment process is just five easy steps to straight teeth. After talking to Dr. Michael P. Folck, you’ll have x-rays and impressions taken of your teeth which are sent to Invisalign where the aligners are made. These aligners are sent to Dr. Folck, who will fit you with the first one and give you several at a time. Every two weeks you switch to a new aligner, and every six weeks or so you check in with Dr. Folck to make sure everything is going as planned. It’s that simple!

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Consultation with Dr. Folck

The first step in the Invisalign treatment process is a consultation with experienced Invisalign provider Dr. Michael P. Folck. Dr. Folck will evaluate your teeth to determine if your tooth arrangement is treatable with Invisalign. He will talk to you about your options and your likely treatment time, as well as other treatment options. He will also make sure all your questions are answered, and you can schedule an appointment to have your impressions taken.

Impressions Taken

At your next appointment, Dr. Folck will take manual impressions, digital photographs, and x-rays of your teeth. It’s crucial to make sure the current position of your teeth is precisely documented to ensure Invisalign’s computer has an accurate starting place for your treatment.

Aligners Manufactured

Once Dr. Folck sends your material to Invisalign, the computer will design your custom treatment trays. The trays are made of a BPA-free plastic, and they are smooth and comfortable to ensure they don’t irritate your cheeks and gums. This typically takes about three weeks.

Wear the Aligners

When your aligners are ready, you will come to Dr. Folck’s office. He will fit you with the first one, which may feel a little tight at first, but should otherwise be comfortable. If the fit seems good, he will send you home with several sets of aligners and make an appointment for about six weeks later to check on your progress and give you new aligners.

You should wear the aligners for about 20-22 hours a day to ensure they have enough time to work during the two hours they need to accomplish their work. You can take them off for eating and cleaning your teeth, but otherwise you should keep them in. Learn How Invisalign Works to see why it’s important to keep them in.

Final Results

At the end of your course of treatment, Dr. Folck will evaluate your results. Most often, you will see the straight, beautiful smile you desire. In a small number of cases people need additional aligners to achieve the desired results.

If you like your results, you will be given a retainer that you should wear most nights to maintain your results.

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